Session In San Diego’s Newest Dungeon

I recommend doing a session in person if you are in San Diego.  My dungeon is in an upscale neighborhood that is both private and safe.  I have been doing this for a long time.  You have nothing to worry about since I do domination only, which makes this 100% legal.

Even though I enjoy the sessions,  I am very professional about the appointment time and the session.  Not everybody is accepted to be given an appointment.  Based on the conversation we have when you call to make an appointment, I make the decision if I will session with you.

I always ask if you have specific fetishes you would like to request.  If you are new and don’t know what you want, that’s okay.  Every session is different because every client is different.  Based on your reaction to certain things, I decide where to take the session next.

I always do my best to make sure you are seeking something I cater to.  I try to make my limits clear.  Please see the rules section for more details.


Sessions From A Distance

If you aren’t in San Diego, we can still have a session.  I also do sessions by Skype, email, text or phone.  Of course, you will have to tribute first before any session starts.  Contact me for an appointment by phone, text or email.  You can go to the contact page for details.


Classes, Books, Instructions, Assignments, etc.

If you are more into the fantasy of fetishes instead of actually having a session, I have a variety of items here for purchase to enrich your fantasies.  If you are seeking a specific item that is not here, let me know what you are looking for and I will let you know if I would be willing to help you with your search.

Don’t waste your time being a cheapskate or thinking this is some kind of volunteer work.  You can offer an amount, which does not mean it would be accepted.  I will correct your offer if I am not happy with it.


Next Steps…

This will take you to the contact section with the information to contact me.  If you are seeking a session in person, I recommend you read the Rules first.