Sessions In The Dungeon

Call to schedule a session in Delilah's Personal Dungeon.  It is very safe and private.  There is tons of parking.  It is only used by Mistress Delilah Demeaner and any Dommes she is training.

To book an appointment, call her at 619-708-8497.  Ask for her and let her know any fetishes you are interested in.  If you are new, that is not a problem, but let her know that.

Make sure to have a date and time available for an appointment.   Once given an appointment, you will be expected to confirm an hour before your appointment time.  Make sure you confirm on time and arrive on time.

Once you make an appointment, you are expected to keep it. If you flake out, there will not be a second chance for you to see her ever again. You will be Blacklisted unless you pay for the appointment you called for and requested.


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Sessions on the Phone, Skype, Email or Texting

If you want a session but you are not in the San Diego area, we can do a distance session.  It is required to pay before the session.  You can pay for a distance session here:  Just click on the link.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can check out as a guest without having to log into your Paypal account and use any credit card, including pre-paid cards.

Call and schedule a date and time.  Make sure to get rates.

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Download Lessons/ Tasks

If you are doing Sissy Training, especially Distance Sissy Training you might need to download tasks, lessons on how to feminize, etc.

To do this, send me an email letting me know what you are interested in and once you have paid, I will email you the item.


This is also good for Slave Tasks, instructions, etc.

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No Judgements and Total Privacy in an Upscale Area.  After 9 Years, I Have Seen It All.

I am a Professional Dominatrix.  That means I always am a Domme.  That makes you the submissive.  This is not up for discussion.  The second you walk through the door, you become submissive.  This means you follow my directions and do as I tell you.  You have a safe word to stop things if you don't like something, unless you give it up.  If you decline a safe word, you can't change your mind.

Make sure to make any limits known before the session.  I am big on respecting hard limits but like to push the envelope.  I like to keep things new and exciting and like you to expand your fetish experience.

I cater to a wide variety of fetishes.  Call to make sure the fetish you are interested in is one that I do.  Also, be sure to read the Rules Page to make sure not to break any.


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Next Steps...

You can call me at 619-708-8497 to make an appointment.  If you have some questions you can email me at