If you would like to send me a present, or you would like to pay for your session with a credit card,  the best way is to send a PayPal payment to me using my PayPal link:

(Highlight it and then right click and select go to the paypal.me link).

Another option is sending money with your credit cards through Venmo.com to mistressdelilah27@gmail.com.

I also have several Wish Lists to choose from.  This way you won’t get the wrong size.  I will definitely like it because I picked it out.  Plus they already know where to send it so you don’t have to ask me questions that will get you in trouble.


1. Amazon
Look up Delilah@mistressdelilahdemeaner.net       Or send gift cards directly to Delilah@MistressDelilahDemeaner.net

2. Jewelry.com

3. Fredricks.com

4. Mac Cosmetics

I wear mostly Mac makeup.  However, I get a big discount for being a model, so send me gift cards for this.


Gifts you can bring to appointment:

  1. La Mer’s The Moisturizer Gel Cream
  2. La Mer’s Crème de La Mer
  3. La Mer’s Concentrate
  4. Gift Certificates
  5. Gift Certificate for Medical Spas, Botox or other beauty treatments, restaurants, etc.
  6. Gift Certificate for Lush in Fashion Valley (handmade make-up)
  7. Cash presents or tips are always accepted, too.         However, nothing outside the donation rate for my time is required.