If you would like to send me a present, or you would like to pay for your session with a credit card,  the best way is to send a Venmo.com to mistressdelilah27@gmail.com.

I also have several Wish Lists to choose from.  This way you won’t get the wrong size.  I will definitely like it because I picked it out.  Plus they already know where to send it so you don’t have to ask me questions that will get you in trouble.

1. Amazon

Look up Delilah@mistressdelilahdemeaner.net      

Or send gift cards directly to Delilah@MistressDelilahDemeaner.net

2. Jewelry.com

I can only wear gold, platinum or silver.  Preferably Gold, and better.

3. Department Store Gift Cards (Especially Nordstrom)

4. Bioligique Rechergche Skin Care.**

5. Shoes and boots

I wear a size 10 shoes.  I usually like my boots a size bigger so I can put an insert in them so they are more comfortable.  Don’t forget many high end shoe brands run small.

6. I really need a new laptop.  The more memory the better!

Gifts you can bring to appointment:

  1. If you really want to be on my best side, I want filler for under my eyes and around my mouth.  That will be at least $1,000 to $1,500.
  2. I love Bioligique Rechergche Skin Care.
  3. Gift Certificate for Medical Spas, Botox or other beauty treatments, restaurants, etc.
  4. Tom Ford Sunglasses (big lenses),  Tom Ford Make-up
  5. Cash presents or tips are always accepted, too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           * However, nothing outside the donation rate for my time is required.