I have been playing on and off for the last 3 years. This by far is the best experience I have had. She is Hot, accomadating and worth every penny. I will see her on a regular basis. Have been looking for the right one and I found it.


I wanted to experience something new, so I called Mistress Delilah based on previous reviews. Asked her about setting up a cuckolding session, she said she’d call me back after checking with her stud. I got a call within 2 hours, a long wait when you are on edge, but the session was on. Phone conversation was professional and easy. Her incall is in a residential area, not scary, but not La Jolla. I met with her first, she was dressed in killer lingerie, her blond hair was flowing, and she looked amazing. She introduced me to her stud, he was huge…she ordered me into the corner, and the fun started…



Very easy to get in touch with Mistress by text. Responsive and I texted and called her to explain what I was in need of. My Dominatrix fix. Went to her incall at night. Car was parked on street and was safe. Middle class neighborhood and the incall area was cluttered. That did detract at first…but, Mistress took over and all was forgotten. Not an escort. But, a great SM experience.

(I have since moved to a better place).


I’m wary of providers who have no available references. I had seen Delilah’s ads in BP and other places for a few months now and decided to call her. She called back a few minutes later and sounded chipper, almost like Reese Witherspoon. I did not want to TOFTT but was intrigued. I made an appointment for a few hours later, called her back and got directions. I am always careful about vice stings and about providers who disappoint despite what their ad might imply. There were very good bad things about Delilah.

She came outside to meet me after I called to say I had arrived and had parked around the corner.  Mistress Delilah was wearing a tight dress and heels and looked nice in the noonday sun. She led me around back of the house to a basement apartment. We discussed services and…..Non-VIPs, she is nice and she delivers per her ad.

5.     Your ass, the masterpiece of art!
I love it  when you Walk.
I love your style
I love your smile.
I love your cruelness.
I love your brutalness.
You are a masterpiece of nature.
I wish youre mine!


6. I am a newbie slave. Always fantasized about it but never had the guts to try it for real. Thank God I finally gathered the courage and, more importantly, chose Mistress Delilah. She was so considerate of my situation and eased me into it during our first session. I will be seeing her as often as I can!

Mistress Delilah showed me a little bit of everything; spanking, cbt, foot worship, anal, denial, bondage, etc. Time flew by while I was serving Her and once we were done I knew I will be seeing her again and again. Our second session was out of a dream. She suggested I should try crossdressing and dressed me up (including make up) as a sissy whore. It was a surreal experience and the most fun I’ve ever had. She is extremely open about a slave’s boundaries or desires and I can’t imagine anyone feeling uncomfortable during a session with Her. Unless of course, they seek to be uncomfortable 🙂 I can’t say enough about Mistress Delilah as a Mistress and person and would recommend Her to anyone, experienced or not!


7.  You’re so powerful seductive!

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