Is your dick the same size it was the day you were born?  That is what I call “having a baby dick.”

Do you like to be humiliated about this?  I humiliate on many subjects, this is just one of many.  I am amazing at any kind of humiliation.  Make sure to let me know ahead of time if there is any “sensitive areas or issues” you would like to be “off limits”.  Also, if crying is some kind of level that you would consider a stopping point, you need to let me know AHEAD OF THE SESSION.


Personally, as stated on this site a couple places, when somebody cries, that is a sign to get more intense.  So make sure you keep your limits clear and what you are looking for.  The more I understand the goal you would like to achieve, the closer you will achieve it.  I am good at guessing, but if I have definite boundary lines it would be better for everybody.


I feel I should take this opportunity to once again warn you, this is a talent of mine.  For some reason, I can easily pick out insecurities and tune into your fears.  I don’t have to go full throttle with the humiliation as a humiliatrix but I definitely offer that option, if you think you can handle it.