Here are some popular questions I get asked, hopefully giving you the answer before you have to ask.  If you have a question that is not answered here, find the contact page and ask.

What’s your return policy?

Don’t be silly.  Just like many other adult products, you can’t return these.  I think that is common sense.

Do I make custom fetish videos?

Obviously, if you have read The Rules, you understand certain limits.  If you are looking for a video, respecting those limits, feel free to send me a request with the details.  I will read your request and let you know my decision.


Do I give discounts for students or any reason?

No.  I am very busy with a high demand.  I don’t give discounts so don’t bother asking.

The only exception to that is if you could be valuable and “work it off”.  Don’t message me telling me that you think you could be valuable.  This is on an invitation basis only.  If this is something you are hoping for, the only way this could happen is if you book a session (and you are not annoying) and you would be willing to sign a model release, giving permission for a photographer to come and video tape a session.  You can let me know that this is something you are interested in and I will see how the regular session goes and if I want to discount a session, allowing you to be in a video or something, I will call you.

If you call me and bug me, I will just delete your number and you will lose your chance.  I am so busy, the only time anybody should be calling is to schedule an appointment or confirm an appointment.

I don’t do chatting for free.  If you have a question, send me an email unless it is  basic question regarding making an appointment.


What if you chicken out and don’t show up for an appointment?

Not only will you never get another chance to make an appointment with me.  I will also put you on my BLACKLIST and warn every Domme or Provider about even answering your calls.  You will be stuck dealing with the “Want-to-be Domme,” who are not privileged to my list.  That should serve you right.

I urge you to not make an appointment until you are sure you have the balls to show up and can guarantee you will be there without fail.

I respect your time and schedule, and I expect you to do the same.  Any inconsideration of my time will put you on the BLACKLIST as several can attest to.


How can one be removed from THE BLACKLIST?

That is different for every individual.  If you are on THE BLACKLIST for flaking on an appointment and you make it up by paying for the appointment, I would give you another chance.



Will I give a reference to another Domme for you if we have had a session?

Of course.  Us Dommes should stick together and give honest references.  I will not lie for you, nor will I give out any personal information about a client. If you are looking for a reference, make sure you give specific information to the Domme who is seeking a reference to remind me of the session we had.  Because I take the privacy of my clients very seriously and will not compromise the trust between a submissive and dominant.  I suggest you call me from the same number you did when you made the appointment and personally ask me to.

If you are somebody who called me, wasted my time and didn’t show up, you are not my client.  I have no loyalty to you at all.

Can you have a discussion if you pay for my time?

Yes.  But you will have to arrange a time with me and pay the donation rate I tell you, depending on the duration of time you want for the conversation.  Of course the tribute must be given first.